Refinish Hardwood Floors: Watson Hardwood floors has specialized in refinishing existing hardwood floors in homes since we began business in 1975.  The process  begins by sanding the old floors down to bare wood again.  Each board is sanded, edged, scraped, and buffed to make it as smooth and flat as possible.  After thoroughly vacuuming to remove all dust, the floor is coated with your choice of satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss finish.  The customer can choose between water based or oil based finishes.  The finish restores the vibrancy of the floors, creates a bright new look and feel, and protects the wood.

Stain Hardwood Floors: Some customers prefer to stain their floors before finishing them.  Stain allows you to alter and/or highlight the grain and natural color of the wood.  Stains range in color from very light and almost clear, to dark brown and nearly black.  Watson Hardwood Floors has years of experience custom mixing stains to meet our customers unique desires.   Stain can be a good way of coordinating your floor color with existing wood in your home.

Repair and Patch Damaged Floors:  Occasionally floors become damaged or warn to the point where simply refinishing them is not sufficient.  The most common causes for replacing floors are damage from water, fire, or pets.  In some cases floors are so badly damaged or stained that sanding will not remove the problem and the board would need to be replaced.  However you don't always need to replace every board in the room.  For example there may be deep staining due to a pet in one corner of a room, or water damage under one window that was left open.  In these instances it is possible to remove the damaged boards and patch only that section of the floor.  Removal of radiators, baseboards, or reconfiguring walls are other common reasons why a section of floor would need to be patched.

Matching Floors:  A common questions I get from customers is concerning matching older floors to recently refinished floors.  For example a customer may want to restore their kitchen floor while leaving the dining room floor because it receives much less traffic.  Although it's always hard to match old to new, we have nearly perfected this at Watson Hardwood Floors.  We can seamlessly transition from room to room and floor to floor.  Also if you are adding onto your home we can integrate the new addition into the existing floors of the home.

Installing Hardwood Floors:  If you are building a new home or an addition Watson Hardwood Floors has years of experience installing wood floors.  We have installed almost every species of wood and nearly every size from 2" to 18" wide boards.  Recently we have been installing more sustainable hardwood floors such as bamboo and Forestry Stewardship Council Certified woods.  For more information on FSC woods please visit

Other Wood Products We Finish:  Not only do we refinish hardwood floors, but we also refinish stairs, handrails, tables, counter tops, and decks.  The same process is applied as refinishing floors and the end result is always the same; beautifully restored hardwood that looks bright and new.

Where We Work:
We are greater Boston's leading hardwood floor professionals.  Our primary service region is the Metro West.  As Watson Hardwood Floors is based out of Weston MA we primarily work in a thirty mile radius from there.  Specifically the bulk of our work is conducted in Weston, Wayland, Lincoln, Sudbury, Concord, Carlisle, Dover, Newton, Wellesley, Needham, and Brookline.  However we are willing to travel past the 495 belt and as far as Cape Cod.  Please contact us to arrange a consultation.

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